Thursday, June 9, 2011

Update on the Pork

Every weekend we work like crazies and every
Monday morning
Kevin and I take our coffee
and walk the yard to view our progress. 

Funny thing... Sunday night as we both sit in our chairs and feel
the aches and pains of the weekend work,
talking about all we have gotten done....

Monday morning shows us all we still have left to do.  
We are definitely crazies.

We have made a bit of progress on
the Porkadillo however.

1.  The fireplace is bricked and fire ready. 
The mantel still has to be distressed and stained,
but we enjoyed our first fire Monday night.

Mr. Kelley toasted the fire with a glass of 21 year old
Glen Levitt...courtesy of the Rush's
Tim and Kristi...he loves it!!!!

2.  We have installed the new weather vane,
which my mother in law
fondly refers to as "Mr. Pig" 
We are
still trying to come up with a clever name. 
Can you tell which picture is the weather vane?

This guy just makes me laugh every time I look up

as does this guy

3.  We have hung the lanterns on the
front posts and actually
lit candles in them

Very precisely

and some of us just think they look like
a nice pair of earrings

4.  We have...and when I say
I mean everyone  ...Sean
and Kevin in this case, have installed the TV

5.  We swept up a little and actually
brought in the seating area and table. 
We even went as far to have a meal at it....
our first of many

WE had our first tidbit from the garden.....

Everyone helped in one way or another

every chance they got...

and of course dusted....

We have several more things
to do before the official unveiling

But for now we are enjoying the Pork
in all his glory...

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