Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr. Pig has a Party ...

Mr. Pig had decided that the Porkadillo
was ready enough to
accept visitors...
so he planned a small dinner party.

My friend Kris'  birthday is in March
and since
March is the craziest part of tax season
I can never seem to get my act together
enough to have her
and her husband for birthday dinner.

Mr. Pig has come up with a solution...
Mrs. Grover's birthday in June....
lovely idea I thought.
So our first official party in the "Pork"
was to celebrate Kris' 29th birthday.

Mr. Pig insisted I do it up right and decorate the space.
You don't have to ask me to decorate for a
party twice...

so in keeping with the colors of my seating area,
I used brown, tan, aqua and a bit of
goldish yellow.
(what is that color called?)
Maybe I should call it sunflower!

which I love

Mr and Mrs Grover came bearing gifts for the Porkadillo.
Their gift couldn't have been more perfect.
I love, love, love it and
he now has a place of honor on the hearth.

Kris loves sunflowers so I chose
a sunflower theme for the table.

The wood look of this table is so pretty 
 I hated to cover it up
so I used a scarf as a runner
and went with place mats instead of a

I had also picked up these candle holders and in keeping
with a more earthy look, filled them full of rocks.

 I used an old pitcher with a great patina as my vase.
Mr. Pig was in agreement that it
made a great pitcher...that is until it started leaking
all over everything.
We fixed that by putting a pitcher inside a pitcher.
He thought I was very clever to do that.

I also pulled out my aqua water goblets.

  I love these place mats,
they called to me when I was in our new
TJ Maxx

So there I was already for guests and only
the food to prepare.

The menu:

Roasted Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

Carne Asada
Guacamole and Salsa
Mexican Capresse Salad
Spanish Rice
Lime and Chipotle Salad
Grilled Corn with Roasted Peppers
Fresh Strawberries and Blueberries

I needed something for the (unfinished) mantel
so Senor Pig
(since the dinner had a Mexican flair
he wanted to be called senor)
came up with a great idea.
These are citronella candles that he put in glass vases.  I
helped him fill them with some left over rocks
and aqua stones.
I loved the look, and Senor Pig was tickled that
I was pleased

So I would have to say our first event was a success.

I hope the birthday girl agrees. 

We had
a splendid evening of relaxation with friends,
food and drinks
all in front of a cozy fire.

I know Senor Pig enjoyed himself...

and now he has
a new friend to keep him company.

until next time...Senor Pig says

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