Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rock Creek Adventure Tours ....

Who knew I could have so much fun?

Kevin and I headed up to the High Sierras,
between Bishop and Mammoth, about 10,000 feet
up the mountain,
past Schatz Bakery
(actually past Schatz after stopping for some goodies)
to a favorite little slice of heaven. 

Our campground,
East Fork,
was our destination for a few days of fun with friends. 
We were lucky enough to have 3 other couples join in the adventure and from the sign,
it looks like a little competition too. 

As we all began arriving, and almost before their camp was set up, Kris pulled out her trusty chalkboard .....

We could always count on her to
give us the news of the day and of course
which camp would host the bonfire that evening.

For some, it was the first visit
to the campground.  Of course a little
exploration was in order. 
Kevin on the other hand,
started coming to East Fork as a kid....
so he
headed off to throw his hook in the creek.

Can you see him in the distance?

The water was extremely high and the creek was
running faster that normal. 
Be careful!!!

Marc was always around to
look after Cheryl.  This was
Cheryl's first time camping and fishing so
Marc was extra attentive....we do want
her to love it and want to come back.
Was he saving her or trying to push her in?
Hard to tell in this picture.

Greg said, Kevin looks like he is right
out of an L.L. Bean catalog.

Marc and Cheryl on their way to our first
evening bonfire at the Moore's
(Taco and Margarita Night)

This was just the first peek into a weekend of fun
and some beautiful scenery.
Almost just a tease....
because I haven't even taken you outside
the campground yet.
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