Friday, June 17, 2011

It's a Jungle out there!!!

My daughter Kristi and I recently
hosted a baby shower for our good friend
Sheryl and her husband
Sal are expecting a little brother for their small son Leo.

Taking our inspiration from the jungle bedding
Sheryl has chosen for Aidan's new
room we designed her party.

We loved the bright fresh colors that are
so popular right now and decided to
stay away from the baby pastels...
it was great fun!

Oranges, turquoise, yellow and greens...all
anchored with brown.  Very boy but very bright.

We served luncheon and each dish was named with our jungle theme.


Blazing Safari Salad (Lime Cilantro Salad)
Crocodile Smile Sandwiches (Chicken salad on Croissants)
Jungle Vine Surprise (Capresse Salad)
Piranha Bites (Pesto Pasta Salad)
Wild Passion Fruit (Fruit Platter)
Jungle Juice (Sangria)
Tiger Tail Tea (Stone Gable Tea)

Kristi made these darling cards to
identify the food,
using the graphics from the invitations
she designed.

The food was so pretty and good, but after making
everything ourselves we were beginning to think
catering may be the answer for next time.

Kristi made the cake and cookies too.
The cake was absolutely adorable as well as
One tier was lemon cake with citrus cream cheese filling and one tier was cookies and cream cake with chocolate mousse filling.
It was hard to decide which one to choose
so most people had a bit of each.

The cookies were decorated with
animal print icing...too cute!!
We used these as favors and the
colors matched our tables.

We used receiving blankets as toppers on the tables,
tying in all of our colors. 
We had this idea several years ago and
it's nice because the decoration
becomes part of Sheryl's gift.  She got
to take home all of the blankets and animals on the tables.

  I'm a sucker for a paper lantern of any color, shape or size.
They always say party to me.

Aren't these colors happy?

and these little stuffed animals were the perfect colors.

We tied each chair with an cheetah print ribbon to give it
a uniform look.  Love this ribbon.

We even swung a vine by her seat and hung
little outfits on it.  
They also became decoration as well as gift.

After working so hard on this shower...
we realized we ran out of
time to really take some good pictures. 
I can't believe we didn't
get a picture of the guest of honor.
You know you're having a good
time when you forget to take pictures
during the event.
Maybe we can talk Sheryl's mom Donna into sending us a couple of Sheryl.

I think Aidan is due any day....
so we are wishing Sheryl
a happy and healthy delivery

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