Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hodge Podge?

A little bit of this and that!!

Today's table was inspired by an April Cornell
tablecloth I had purchased several years ago
and had never used.
I found it while rooting for some inspiration,
with it's tags still on.
It was a bargain by the way.

The table cloth is yellow seersucker
with painted pineapples in orange and green.

I paired my tablecloth with a striped napkin and
pottery barn napkin rings.
I didn't have four of the same color, so I used
2 green and 2 yellow.  (this and that)

adding a wee bit of sparkle

The dishes are layered....
cutwork charger, yellow plate and sunflower salad plate. 
Alas, I had nothing to carry on the pineapple
theme from the tablecloth, hence the sunflower. (hodge, podge)

I used a tomato plant as my floral feature
(I didn't go out in search of flowers tonight)

It is so hard to get true color at night...
does anyone have a suggestion on that?
Do you like my furniture polish sitting on my sideboard....nice!!!
It is orange though...kind of goes with the table???

Some morning sun, it rained last night so it was a bit filtered

Here's my tomato, in his moss covered pot.

My sunflower pitcher

Oh and did I say I threw in a cloched bunny
and a bit of aspargus
(this really is hodge podge)

Even my glasses are miss and ambers

Oh well, I can't miss a chance to tablescape with Susan,
even if I have a random table today.
I am linking to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
who is our hostess today.
Thanks for visiting...
I am off to visit you now.

Be sure to visit the other delightful participants

and come back and visit again soon.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Huey, Duey and Louie?

I am not exactly sure if they are
Huey, Duey and Louie...
but this is what I found in my pool when I got home
from work yesterday.
Little orphaned (I think) baby duckies

They swam in a little group and
everytime I tried
to get close they headed off to the
other side of the pool.
They loved hanging out on the vacume hose.

My hubster thought they were
extremely new...I hope their mommy
comes back for them.

Here's whats blooming this week
and after looking at these pictures I think everything
is coming up "Purple"

My Irises

My Lavender

My Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

These are so unique.  There
is always three shades of purple to represent
yesterday, today and tomorrow

and they smell good too....

and my roses

just after the rain last week...

and then on a sunny day

I am linking to Susan's at A Southern Daydreamer for
Outdoor Wednesday
Be sure to check out all of the participants
and see what's bloomin....

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Bye for now .....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bella and Grandma's Excellent Magical Adventure

Once upon a time....

 not so very long ago,
Princess Bella and I went to a magical place.
No it wasn’t Oklahoma, even though Oklahoma holds many magical treasures for me, and no, it wasn't Disneyland,
even though Princess Bella loves Disneyland.
Princess Bella and I, along with her mommy and daddy
of course, went to a far off land called .....
"Build-a-Bear Land"

“Build a Bear”
Has anyone ever been to this wonderous place?
In Build-a-Bear Land
you can spend a king’s ransom on a lovely stuffed friend.
You have many choices….
Bears, dragons, ponies, bunnies and oh so much more.

It is quite hard for a small princess to choose
from such a large assortment

Grandma was quite fond of this one,
and Bella agreed

Well this is no ordinary place to pick out
a new this place you help make your new friend.

After you choose your new friend... you pick
out a heart.  Bella's
friend ended up with two hearts, so she is extra special.
(Bella, like her mommy, knows how to
get her monies worth)
She also got a voicebox that whinnies when you push it.
You then choose if you want your new friend firm
or cuddly.  Bella chose cuddly.... and so
the cuddly stuffing is put in by the magical machine
and a little help from Bella's foot.

Next, the special heart goes in...
after of course you kiss it to add love

and rub it on your cheeks
so your new friend knows you inside and out.

and then Bella's favorite part...
it is time to give your new friend a bath.

At this point, grandma could have gotten out
of Build-a-Bear Land and
only paid half of a king's ransom.

But why would she do that?
Instead  she bought a little gold skirt, some
fluffy feathery wings, a lovely golden heart necklace,
a princess hat and matching magic wand, all so Bella's
friend would be even more beautiful.

Next, it was time to name the our new friend.
Mommy wanted to name
her Goldie
(which would have been very appropriate)
but Bella and Grandma had a different idea.

We decided on the name
Rosie, because
grandma and Bella both share the name Rose
in their names. 
So now,
Rosie Pony does too.

and of course....they
All Lived Happily Ever After ....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday. 
My original plans for this table was something very racy. 
Or I should say my daughter's plans for this tablescape. 
She thought it would be an excellent idea for
me to set a very beautiful,
elegant dining table with all of my
best china and stemware. 
She then told me that for my centerpiece
I should get a nice handsome man to put on a speedo
and lay out down on my runner amongst
my beautiful china and crystal.

Alas, no takers,
so I settled for this lovely tablescape
that I set on my kitchen table. 
My breakfast nook looks out to my backyard
which is so beautiful right now. 
Everything is blooming and looks so fresh and new,
except for my windows,
they don't look so fresh and new. 

Unfortunately, today was an overcast,
rainy day so you can't see my beautiful blooming yard. 
I'm starting to think that this is a very off day for me. 
The handsome man was not around to act as my centerpiece
and the sun is not shining and
the lighting is terrible on my table.

So as it is, I give you today's tablescape.

I used my everyday tablecloth and added
some striped placemats.
Actually the placemats have a really
cute floral pattern on the other side but I
thought the stripes looked good with my tablecloth.
A view from above

I love this plate rack

It has been a rainy morning here and
just when I decided to take
some pictures I got a burst of strong sunlight,
which played havoc with the lighting.

Did I mention I love this two tier plate stand,
and use it every chance I get.
The oranges are from my yard.

I used my red toile bowl with my cream scalloped dishes,
I put on a plain red plate
Here is a pic of the placesetting

One more....with some extreme light
A view looking into the kitchen

Here is a bunnies eye view....

A closer look at my toile

Thanks so much for coming by,
maybe next time the centerpiece will
cooperate "NOT"
I am linking to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for
Tablescape Thursday so be sure to visit all of the lovely
Tablescape participants and come back and visit often
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