Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to my parlor...said the spider to the butterfly

I remember going to my grandma's house
when I was a little girl and
we would sit in the parlor. 
Do you remember
parlors...that special place where the special treasures lived?

Parlor:  a room used primarily for conversation or the reception of guests

In my grandma's parlor there was a very special cockoo clock,
it was fascinating and now lives in my brother's house.

Here are my grandmother and grandfather
(two of my favorite treasures that
resided in their parlor)
at one of out family favorites locations
a year before I was born.

for those of you wondering,
this is my mother's mom and dad
Welcome to my parlor and Tablescape Thursday.
I have set up a little breakfast for you in front of the warm fire.
We are having a chilly morning and I thought it would
be nice to take the chill out of the room.

I did mention spiders and butterflies didn't I?  Well
no spiders (hopefully) but I do have some visiting butterflies,
both on my dishes and a brown iron one that
has landed on my coffeetable.

Here is the butterfly on the Lenox plate...
the other is shy and hiding behind the juice

Do you see the handpainted coffee pot.
sugar, creamer and tray?

This would have fit perfectly in grandma's parlor.
This was handpainted by my friend Vivian,
an accomplished china painter.

The shape of the tray almost looks like a butterfly

Vivian's roses are the best.

A butterfly eye's view

A spider's eye view (if there was one present that is)

More roses

and some lacy linens

and napkin ring

A better look at the tray

Vivian sent me a special message
on the bottom of the coffee pot.

Thanks for joining me.  I am linking to Susan
at Between Naps on the Porch, the lovely hostess of
Tablescape Thursday
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