Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

I am blessed.
Blessed to have a day to celebrate that Jesus has risen
Blessed to have a wonderful family surrounding me and
Blessed to be alive.

Easter Sunday started off with church, we met
Tim, Kristi and the girls at church. 
Riley went to Sunday school, Kristi took one
step into the loud sanctuary, Madison got a bit hysterical,
Kristi left the sanctuary
and headed to the family room with Tim. 
So started our day as a family.

The service was wonderful, and with happy hearts
we headed home.  I made
coffee and Tim and Kristi arrived with doughnuts.....delicious, fresh, delicious doughnuts.

Riley immediately found her gardening boots and gloves from Pop Pop and decided to cruise the yard.

The weather was so, so (a bit on the chilly side) but the
sun was warm.

The Rush Family posed for a picture
(I do believe Madison was still eating her doughnut)

Riley was played hard to get....I think she had
enough pictures from the photo
shoot from Saturday.  I'm not so sure
where all the pictures of Madison are.

She wanted desperately to sit on the step, but
I think it was a bit too cold.

Still no pics of Madison, actually not very many pictures
of the entire day.  I guess the photographer was taking the day off.
Sean took these first ones.

Here's the sad token picture of Madison...after Easter dress
and chowing down.  She is very good at this.

A peek at Kristi prior to the earthquake

A personalized Easter egg cake at each placesetting 

The token bunny

Kevin's gave his wonderful Easter blessing.
A small earthquake shook us and then it was time for
Sean's famous grilled rosemary rubbed lamb

No one at the table because they are all in getting their food.
Grilled rosemary lamb
Blue cheese and walnut salad
Grilled aspargus
Assorted fruit and dip
Corn casserole
Focacia bread

Guess who was first in line....yes Kevin
(1st in line, and 1st to the table)

The food is arriving slowly but surely

We had such a wonderful day. 
The kids blew bubbles, played on the slide,
watched a Tinker Bell movie
and the big kids just enjoyed each other
and the splendid day. 
We enjoyed it so much, we actually forgot to do the
Easter Egg hunt.   Oh well, there is always next year.

Thank you guests
Jim and Delores
Frank and Laurie
Kristi, Tim, Riley and Madison

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