Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Frost Free

Smudge Pots
(A little California History in my own backyard)

A smudge pot (also known as a choofa or orchard heater)
is an oil-burning device used to prevent frost on fruit trees. Usually a smudge pot has a large round base with a chimney coming out of the middle of the base.
The smudge pot is placed between trees in an orchard,
allowing the heat and smoke from the burning oil
to prevent the accumulation of frost on the fruit of the grove. Smudge pots were developed after a disastrous freeze in Southern California in January 1913 wiped out a whole crop.

When we moved into our house, oh so many years ago,
we found some
old abandoned smudge pots in the backyard.
Our yard was an old avocado grove and the smudge pots
were used to keep out the winter frost.  Our town
was actually well known for it's citrus. 

My smudge pots still hold some of their original oil.

They're slowly rusting away, but I love
seeing them under the avocado trees.
A little bit of history or .......

 just a place to put some old wire.

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