Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wisteria Lane or Wisteria Arbor?

 I live a very mundane life compared to those
 Desperate housewives residing on Wisteria Lane.   I
am desperate at times, but that's a different post.

I do however, have Wisteria and it is blooming magnificently.
It is about 5 years old and lives on the arbor
at the end of our pool.
The hubster and I were sitting under the arbor
enjoying a beverage when I took these pictures.

He has never been a fan of my Wisteria,
and I blame that on him never being home during the
daylight hours during the spring,
so he has never really seen it at it's blooming best.
This year he has been around a bit more and was amazed
at how beautiful it was.

I thought this was hysterical, because he has
been wanting to pull it out for years and being the desperate
housewife that I am,
  I would come up with an excuse to keep it every year.

So needless to say, after April 15th I will be getting
a second Wisteria to add to this one.

I just wish it bloomed for a longer period of time

Can you see the huge bumble bee
having his way with my flowers?

I also took this picture of a water laden leaf.
I actually had to get close to it to see what it was.  I thought
it was some sort of creature at first.

 But it was interesting

And lastly the first rose of the season.

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