Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saint vs Angels

I just met Kristi at the store this morning.
I had to pick something up on my way to work.
She had her lovely children with her, however
they were not lovely little angels.

As soon as Kristi put Madison in the cart, Madison let out
a blood curdling scream and Riley let her
protest be known that she didn't want to go in the cart either.
I think her exact words were .... "I don't like it!"

What did Kristi do?
Kristi took it in stride, stayed fast to her convictions
(in spite of the grandma)
and did her duty.

As she drove off, I could hear the girls crying in the car.  There
was nothing wrong with them, they just decided it was a good day
to test Mommy. 
I think Mommy won
(frazzled but victorious)

Kristi this is for you,
The Saint Award
for being such a good and patient mom.
(inspite of the children)

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