Saturday, April 30, 2011

Puerto Rico or Bust ......

When I think of Puerto Rico....
I get visions of the Sharks and the Jets
dancing through the
streets of New York in West Side Story. 
Never did it occur to me to actually visit Puerto Rico.

Well that is about to change. 
While doing a google
search for images of everything Puerto Rico, 
I was surprised to find a picture of me on the beach.

I also came across a picture of Kevin
doing one of his favorite things.  Of course
if that was really me in that bikini on the beach ......

Anyway we are very excited....wish us luck ...
we are staying with relatives (tee hee)

Seriously though...
we are so excited and can't wait to see
family and the beautiful island of Puerto Rico

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another 1- Minute Birthday Poem

For my dad:
When I was a little girl, I'd sit on my daddy's knee
He'd tell me stories and and say "I'm so glad you're with me".

Dad with his passions, was so much bigger than most
His talents were many and his stories most grandiose

He loved his family, his movies, electronics and his art
But mostly to us we remember his heart

Today is his birthday, but we'll not be serving cake
but with memories he'll be here, make no mistake

For daddy has climbed on his daddy's knee
And from Heaven I can hear it…"I'm so glad you're with Me"

Thank you Kristi

Imagine my delight when I went to my blog
this morning to post a little birthday wish to my dad.
Kristi has totally given me a face lift
without me knowing.
Heaven knows I could use a face lift.
I love it.

Thank you Kristi

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Shoes and an Epiphany 

epiphany -

a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.


My little Bella Boo
sent me a picture the other day. 
I guess
she has had these little beauties on her wish list for quite some time.
Luckily for her, Baba came to the rescue with some cold hard cash.
She was so excited to share her purchase.

Bella is also starting to connect the family tree. 
She and Stacy
were having a little morning of cuddling time
and Bella said to Stacy....

Bella:  Mommy...Grandma Rena is daddy's mommy right?

Stacy:  Yes

Bella:  and Grandma Maryrose is your mommy right?

Stacy:  Yes

Bella:  and Grandma Rena buys me clothes.

Stacy:  Yes
Bella:  and Grandma Maryrose buys me TOYS

Stacy:  Yes

Stacy thought this was very
funny and was eager to share it with me.
As for me...
Well let's just score one for Grandma Maryrose shall we?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Castles, Porkadillos and Unfinished Business

Oh My ....

Between Tax Season and the Elements 
(well with as many elements as So California has)
against us...
we have made some progress on the yard. 
I really don't know how Kevin gets so much done....but he does. 
Lucky me!!!

Our favorite
project is still the outdoor room. 
We have been busily shopping for him and are anxious to have him finished.   
Yesterday he was electrified!! 
In the cold and rain last night, Kevin and I went out to test the lights. 
(maybe we shouldn't have done that in the wet)
Good News...they work. 

We have a new seating area
waiting in the wings,
to be opened and set up
in front of the still "unfinished" fireplace
and a new dining table and chairs
to be delivered next week. 
I don't think he will be done by next week,
but just in case,
it never hurts to be prepared. 

I also found two of the most outstanding  lantern sconces (Amazon) to hang on two of the front posts. 
I am still deciding which posts, but I think my decision has been made. 
What do you think?

Small news flash....
I have become an "Amazon" Queen. 
That's right, who knew Internet shopping
could be so rewarding. 
I found a ceiling fan at a lighting shop
and was informed that it was discontinued. 
No fear, "Amazon" Queen is here. 
The discontinued ceiling fan has arrived
and is also now ready to be installed. 
That will be installed when the
tongue and groove ceiling goes in. 
In fact, Mr. Tongue and Groove arrives
this evening to check out the job.

Can you tell I'm excited?

When we started building this space,
Kevin and I sat on the concrete slab one night,
with a couple of beverages of course,
trying to come up with a name to describe our new room.  After going through many names, like the Portobello,
 Piazza, Terrace, or Veranda, we settled on the
It sounded a little "Old Worldly" to us and that was
the feel we were going for. 
The problem arose when we began sharing this name
with the rest of the family. 
it seems, is just too darn hard to remember,
especially when everyone is thinking about this guy.

You remember the Party Pig weather vane
I ordered a couple of weeks ago, well he has arrived and has had more influence on naming the space than we did. 
The official name for the outdoor room is now
"The Porkadillo"
 Classless, I know,
but I guess when you're planning on putting
a drinking pig on your roof somethings gotta give. 
To be honest though, it has grown on us and I can't imagine calling it anything else.
(Do you think I can find a sign on Amazon?)

As for the Castle ...

Madison has christened the seating area in the grove...
you know, the one that is "unfinished"
"The Castle"

You tell me, does it look like a castle to you?

As for the rest of it ...
The vegetable garden is in and flourishing,
except for Riley's carrots that go in this week
(weather permitting)
Grapes are also in,
and the Horseshoe Pit is in ... minus sand
and stakes.

As you can see we are making progress...trouble is there are a lot of behind the scene
stuff that goes on that never shows
in the final reveal. 
Pictures of the Vegetable Garden, Grapes and Pits later,
but for now I will leave you with a little tease

These are actually antique horseshoes from
a horse Kevin had as a kid.
Sean (the Amazon Prince)
found some antique railroad nails we have special plans
for in this area.


and grapes ...

oops...I mean grapes

and the Princess in her Castle

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mad Rush

Mad Rush
Madison Rush
came for a visit today.

An all alone, one on one visit with just Grandma.
No Riley to share time, just
time for Grandma and Madi to play.
Well one of us played and one of us watched.
(Can you guess which was which?)

Oh yes,
I should not forget to mention the villain,
because all good stories
(or even not so good ones)
have a villain.

Our story begins with our heroine the Madster
deciding what to do.
What do you want to do today?
I don't know, what do you want to do?

I'll decide as soon as I stuff the rest of these
non WW
potato chips in my face.
(Are you wondering why I have
potato chips in my house....well
I live with a cookie chip monster)

Enter our villain.
Yes, you probably have always thought
of her as a sweet beautiful young princess.
Remember....she does live with a Beast.
Some of it has to rub off don't you think?
(Is that a tattoo on her arm?)

Madi loves her princesses and they go with her everywhere.
On the surface, her princesses love each other too.

Cinderella and Belle
enjoyed the slide along with the Madi.
(I can't imagine sliding in a ball gown, can you?)

Buried treasure however, is a whole different story....
Madi found her treasure lying around the playground
collected it in her little yellow bucket.
She took it everywhere.

Never fear though...Cindy and Belle were
safely stowed in the playhouse.

Are you wondering what her treasure looks like?

Crystal know, kind of like
Swarovski crystals

Oh the possibilities....

Her first impulse was to go and hide her treasure
so no one else would find it.

But where?

So many choices ...
but alas ....

A treasure isn't good for much unless you
can touch it and play with it and line it in a row

and count it ....

and count it...
and then put it back in your treasure box.
And maybe even let your trusted friends look at it.

But then your trusted friends may not be so trustworthy...
Do you notice anyone missing?

Yes, Belle decided to get rid of the competition.
I had heard Belle was planning a Ball,
and well you know how that goes........
Poor Cindy!!!

But have no fear...Madi leaves no Princess behind.

I'm not too sure Belle is happy right now.

But Madi is....
all Princesses safe and sound

and Madi and I had a most excellent adventure.
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