Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Isla de Vieques

Between my monthly bunco,
hosting a baby shower,
attending a pig roast and completion (almost)
going on in the Porkadillo,
I have not had a second to breath. 
I'm not complaining because it has been an
exciting and productive week,
but I still haven't posted the rest of the pictures
from our Puerto Rico trip. 
I would skip it but the best
part of the vacation was our excursion the the island of Vieques. 

Vieques is a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico
which you can reach by private boat,
airplane or $2.00 ferry. 
We opted for ferry, so bright and early
Thursday morning
(Wednesday we spent at the private beach in the bubble)
we packed our bags
and headed out about an hour and a half from
"The Bubble"
to stand in line for tickets on the ferry.

We arrived an hour and 15 minutes
later to the small port of Vieques,
caught a taxi and drove about 15 minutes more,
arriving at our small Bed and Breakfast
on the Caribbean side of the island.

Preston was feeling a little sick, so Kevin and I ventured out alone to one of the beaches across from out hotel. 

The ocean was wonderfully
warm and calm with miles of sandy beach.

Kevin...equipped for an
afternoon of sun and surf

While we were sitting there contemplating
the reasons why we had not brought beverages
with us we were visited by these guys.
The island is full of wild horses.

We headed back looking forward to dinner, beverages and a trip
to Bioluminesence Bay ahead of us.
Our Bus was going to pick up right in front
of our hotel, so we choose a great
restaurant right next door for dinner.  It was delicious!!!

and then our bus arrived .....
(good thing we had several beverages
with dinner or we would have been a little nervous)

The bio bay experience was incredible.  Picture
yourself swimming in a bay of pixie dust
clinging to you. 
It made you glow
and was almost magical. 
Pictures were
impossible because with the light of the camera you
couldn't see the glow of the pixie dust. 
Click on
the link and you'll get an idea of what we saw...nothing like
the reality of it though.  Puerto Rico is
one of 3 places in the world that can boast of this phenomenon

Next day we were off to see the beautiful
beaches of Vieques.

We followed Karsten, Laura and the boys.

These beaches were deserted and absolutely

We enjoyed a bit of a breakfast beverage....

We went from beach to beach along the coast...

and we took the time to swim at each beach

above and below

Kevin was on a constant quest for

but the beaches were so sandy
there was little fish activity

Our favorite beach? 
Blue Beach.

We were planning to head back on Friday...
but Karsten made
an executive decision and
decided we should stay another night...
Bummer huh? 
We were so excited. 

Then he told us his friend was heading
over to Vieques in his 50 foot boat and we
would be having cocktails with him...
on his boat.

So our ride arrived to take us to the boat.
This is Paco...
our host

Sunset from the boat

So after a wonderful 3 days on
Vieques we headed back to port...back
to the ferry and home to "The Bubble"

It was a great trip...Karsten and Laura were the
most incredible hosts. 
They have already invited us back.
(we were actually planning a catamaran trip in the
Carribean with them for next year)
It was amazing.
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