Monday, May 16, 2011

The "Bubble" and Beyond

We are back from our Puerto Rican adventure
and it couldn't have been more fun. 
We flew into San Juan
and were greeted by Kevin's cousin Karsten. 

After grabbing tooooo much luggage
we headed back to Karsten and Laura's

The "Bubble" is the the isolated gorgeous
resort setting they call home. 
We felt like we were living the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous....
actually we were. 

We started with a lovely lunch on the veranda
at the country club in the pouring rain. 
It was warm and gorgeous, even with the rain coming down in sheets around us.  We caught up
on life, and just enjoyed a relaxing visit. 

A glimpse at the Bubble
With the overcast weather you don't get the full
beauty of the skies and ocean....but still,
not to shabby ....

Karsten is showing Kevin the mail box area
with a view of the ocean.
Can you see it?

Here let me help you with a closer look.

One of the many play areas for the kids.
This is called the

One of several pools

A ride through the woods to the ocean

The restaurant at their private beach

Pick a chair...any chair
and then I'm sure someone will
appear as if by magic to bring you
a beverage.

I wish it had been sunnier this day so you
could really see the beauty of the Atlantic.

Kevin and I did get to touch the water

Back to the golf cart tour.....
A little place to work out

A bridge to perhaps the backyard of the future home
of Karsten and Laura

Maybe for our next visit
(I wonder which room is ours????)

Another pool

Various water features

and a multi million dollar water park

and back to the house and a beverage.

We didn't sit for long....
next day we were off to the Bacardi factory for breakfast
(just kidding about breakfast...sort of) 
and  "Old San Juan".
more pics tomorrow.......
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