Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breakfast with Bacardi and Old San Juan

Early Monday morning, with boys
safely dropped at school
we were off...



Where would you go to breakfast on your first day
in Puerto Rico....???
To the Bacardi factory of course.

Laura suggested we officially document the time.

for this

It was a fun tour
and we learned the history of how the Bacardi
family made rum.  We also got to taste a couple
of their special drinks.

and of course the history of the bat...
Edward Cullen was not mentioned

and then off to Old San Juan. 
This day was a little overcast as well...
which was good and bad.

Good in that Old San Juan has some very steep walking and we
stayed cool and comfortable. 
Bad in that the pictures of the
ocean didn't show the true blue they really were.

We started with lunch here

Karsten wanted us to start with some
very authentic Puerto Rican food.  I had
shrimp and Mafungo (a plantain recipe). 
They use a lot
of garlic and it was delicious.  Of course we
washed it down with some of the local beer....Medalla
After lunch we started our tour.  
The buildings
are so old and picturesque

and the churches

My favorite little street

and then we headed to the fort.
El Morro Citadel
(El Castillo San Felipe del Morro - 16th century)


building began 1539 and continued
on for several hundred years.
The walls had to be 30 feet thick...incredible
when you think of the tools they had
to build it.

and it was built on multiple levels

protecting Old San Juan

A glimpse at Old San Juan from the fort.

and then the walk back ...

and home
to plan tomorrows adventure....and the rain forest.

back to the "Bubble"

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