Saturday, May 1, 2010

A House only a Birdie can Love

I was asked to decorate a birdhouse
for an upcoming garden tour.
The birdhouse was to be sold to fundraise
for this event.
I have never decorated a birdhouse before,
 so with much trepidation I gathered my elements
and dug right in.
I was given a birdhouse something like this.
(I didn't get an actual picture of mine but you get the idea)

so after buying everything I thought I may NEED
at Michael's I started my project.
(with all of the stuff I bought I could have decorated
ten birdhouses)
So with a bit of glitz, jewelry and paper ....

and some sparkle and flowers

and a hangy thing like this

and a few of these ....
and a splash or two of paint

I ended up with this

It was great fun to do and I hope they ask
me to do another one next year.
For as much as I spent however, I probably should
have just donated the money.
Who knew?
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