Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recovery ....

I'm not talking about a 12 step program to recovery from ... you know drugs or alcohol...
would have to be recovery from vacation. 
I know boo hoo ....
but Rock Creek kicks your butt.
That camping stuff is hard work.

I was barely recovering from the June trip when I found myself on my way back up
with the Rush's ...
and boy was it a great trip. 
Kristi took tons of pictures so
you can check them out on her blog
The kids were great, the fishing fantastic and
the weather a bit on the chilly side 
...we were
so busy we almost ran out of time to eat one night. 
How does something like that happen?

I did spend the night
in my motor home "all alone"
one night. 
That is something I have never done before
and it was kind of an adventure (albeit a small one) 
Before Tim dropped me off he courteously mentioned
that he hoped I wouldn't be visited by bears
during the night and that did make me think. 
I slept like a baby however and didn't give it a second thought until Kristi knocked on my door next morning.  I peeked out and she was there with her coffee and gleam in her eye that said....when are we going to start fishing? 
She asked, since I peeked out, if I thought she was a bear.....I said no but the real answer was...........maybe.

So I will leave you with one picture
since a post isn't a post without a picture.
This is one of my favorite
adventures from the trip

and I guess I need one of us

and last but not least the visitor I had
on my evening alone.
Tall, dark and a lot of fun

Until my next vacation...

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