Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Pig and Me

Years ago there was a movie that
I just loved called the Egg and I,
in fact I should find that movie and watch it again,
because I remember a really cute farmhouse
owned by Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert
that I would love to see again. 
I am indeed showing my age now,
because this was a very old black and white movie
and only people my age would even remember
Fred MacMurray let alone Claudette Colbert. 
I think it also featured Ma and Pa Kettle in
their movie debut.

Check out the trailer

It was from a book written by
Betty MacDonald

Anyway that was just a random thought
and has nothing to do with this post,
other than my title reminded me
of that movie.

As for the The Pig and Me....

I love the Pig
aka the Pork
aka the Porkadillo

This morning Kevin got up bright and early to do
a few chores in the yard. 
The family was over
last night and we had a fun time swimming and eating.
The kids were joined by their cousins
and we had quite a few laughs.
(Kristi...I hope you are out
shopping for more little children today)

While Kevin was busily working I was still in bed,
but woke up
to the glorious smell of fresh brewed coffee. 

I got up,
grabbed 2 cups of coffee and headed to the yard.

Remember, it's the end of July and in July's past,
it's already hot, even by 7:00. 
Not this morning, it was overcast and cool. 
Kevin took one look at me walking out with coffee and said...
do you want a fire? 
So the pig, with open arms welcomed us for a morning in front of the fire.
I even had a light blanket over me. 
It was wonderful and  
I almost felt like I was back in the mountains.

I love the Pig... oh ya and
the guy who built me my fire.

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