Monday, July 26, 2010

Dinner and a Movie?

Or Not ...

With 3 little girls under the age of 4 .... maybe not. 
Recently, Stacy and Bella gave us
a surprise visit. 
After several weeks of planning, unbeknownst to me,
Bella and Stacy flew
in from Oklahoma to surprise me. 
Since life has been a wee bit crazy,
I realized I didn't blog some or our outstanding adventures.  We fit a lot in a few days over the Father's Day weekend.

Toy Story 3 had just come out, and we decided it was the perfect venue for a day at the movies.
Armed with Icees, popcorn and snacks as well as Joy, Baba, Me, Stacy, Kristi, Bella, Riley, Madison and of course Uncle Sean (who never likes to miss out on anything) we headed
off to see Toy Story 3. 

We got there a tad bit late so the previews had already
started and the theater was quite dark.  Not so good.... all the girls (I think except Bella)
did not like the loud music and the dark and began to cry. 
So as quickly as we entered the theater
we exited the theater
and instead had out snack of Icees and popcorn in
a circling of chairs right outside. 
I think the girls were really not that disappointed,
and had a great time just the same.

Bella had purchased sunglasses for all of the girls to wear, being sure to
pick a different color for each one, just in case.

Madison was most interested in the snacks...of course
Madison is always most interested in the snacks.

Bella was having a great time with her cousins.

and even Riley got into the act

We did have a few moments of determining
who's snack was who's

But overall it was not an issue

Madison just cleared the chairs...took all of the snacks
and enjoyed an individual picnic.

Until she discovered Riley's hairband.

Do I look cute in this hairband?
Bella thinks so.

Bella thinks her sunglasses look pretty cute too.

Riley...not so much...

But  Bella had a secret plan?

and Riley decided to join the party

Which made Bella happy

Overall we had ....

Fun and

more Fun!!!!

We still haven't seen the movie but I heard
it was really cute....maybe we will try
again or ...  maybe wait for the DVD

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