Thursday, July 15, 2010

Arghhh Matey!!!!


Do you ever wonder where you came from?
What were your ancestors like,
where did they come from,
what did they do?

Well after my recent trip to New York
to visit the fam, we all discovered
some very interesting information.

I know you will be jealous that your family isn't as
colorful as mine,
but we really can't help who our relatives are, can we?

One evening our lovely
Auntie Em gave us a history lesson and revealed to us
that we have a pirate lurking in our past.

Strangely enough,
or maybe just because we are a strange family,
we all took the news pretty well.
Actually, I would have to say we embraced it.

So when we went out to Montauk Point,
my cousin Ricky showed his true colors.

The only things missing were a bottle of rum and his parrot.
Maybe next time.

Stay tuned for more wild and crazy family pictures


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