Monday, December 13, 2010

Jingling all the Way ....

Have I been embracing the festive fun of the season or what? 
I not only celebrate all weekend
but I start on Thursday.
Who am I?

On Thursday I had my annual Christmas
Bunco celebration.  This year we celebrated
a little differently.  My friend Peggy, hosted
as usual, but we were invited to spend the
night and go to breakfast in the morning.

Welcome to Peggy's holiday home.

Come on in, we're getting ready to serve appetizers
and cocktails

We started our evening at 5:30 with cocktails
and appetizers.  All of the ladies brought something
to share for our Italian themed evening.
Appetizers consisted of pizza, sausage cheese balls, and
prosciutto and cheese with crackers...
and our cocktails were Bohemians.

as we sipped our drinks we were able to admire
Peggy's beautifully festive home

Peggy lives in a home that is 100 years young

We do a gift exchange ... and there may have been stealing involved.... hmmm....
I don't recall!!!

and yes we did play some bunco....

every inch of Peggy's house embraces Christmas

 every special part of Christmas ...

Even this old guy.  My old friend Santa.

Peggy set a gorgeous table as usual.  This
year she chose a very traditional feel.

Our menu consisted of:

Chopped Salad
Lasagna (Delicious)
Baked Ziti (Outstanding)
Spaghetti and Clams (Scrumptious)
Eggplant Parmesan (Eggplanty)
Risotto (OMG)
The Best Garlic Bread in the World

We stuffed ourselves

We love our group

and we had such a great time...
Patty made the risotto and Julia made the chopped salad

Debbie made the spaghetti and clams

Tammie brought wine....

Did I mention that we wore our PJ's?

Poor Julia ...
every gift she opened was stolen from her. 
She did give us quite the laugh
modeling this little number though.

Rosie the Elf even got into the act.... 

Did I mention we spent the night? 
Here is a glimpse of my gorgeous bedroom

What a great evening....thanks so much Peggy

We had such a great time and everything was perfect.


Stay tuned for Fridays Adventures....

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