Monday, December 6, 2010

You Better Watch Out...

You Better Not Cry ...

I had a great weekend, but Saturday was extra fun.
I went with Riley, Madison, Kristi and BaBa
to see Santa,
to lunch, to ride the train and to see the new
Disney movie "Tangled".
I explained to Riley that Santa and I were great friends and
go way back and it was nice to see him again.
Riley thought so too, but I think
she wanted to be as good a friend to Santa as I was.
When you've known Santa as long as I have... well
you know, we have a history....Riley
will just have to be patient.
As for Madison, she did not want
to be friends with way, no how...not ever.

I will let Kristi post this Saturday adventure
(pics on Picasa Kristi) 
but I will leave you with these two
chickie pies enjoying (or not) their
visit with St Nick.

Even a lollipop doesn't work

Santa Claus is coming to Town!
(Sorry Madi)

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