Monday, December 20, 2010

Rollin on the River.....

... Or ..... Putting around the Harbor...

Every year Newport Beach, California
hosts a Christmas Boat Parade. 
The ladies I hang out with,
rented a boat last year to view the parade. 
They made a party
of it and had a great time. 
So great in fact, they decided to repeat the experience
this year. 
I didn't get to go last year,
but this year ....look out Newport Harbor.

We arrived to get our "Duffy"
armed with food and beverage

I was a little suspicious (or maybe just tentative)
of going out in a boat that
no one knew how to captain.

Enter Captain Mackey....
Captain Mackey is an experienced captain.  She
WO-MANNED the duffy
last year with no incident (????)
and if she saw this picture she would

So off we went... food and drink
being served by the crew.
We enjoyed
appetizers, delicious corn chowder, corn bread, salad,
and assorted cookies and sweets.

Patty is very excellent when it
comes to multi - tasking.  She
can pilot the boat, enjoy a little food and drink
and ...

Take pictures of the passing boats.

Now, when you rent these boats there are a few rules...
you need NO experience to rent these...there really are very few rules.

1. Don't leave the harbor and go into open ocean
2.  Don't run over any buoys
3. Don't hit any other boats
4. Don't go under any bridges
5.  Don't become part of the parade.
6.  Come back safe and sound.

Not too bad, we can abide by those rules ... I think.

So the Parade begins....

These boats were totally decked out

With huge partying going on ....

Now, do you remember rule #5?  That rule
seemed to be the hardest to follow. 
This boat tried to enforce the rule.

we enjoyed being part of the parade
and managed to sneak in every now and then. 
This is the boat we will be entering next year.

or maybe this one....we haven't decided yet.

Either way...we couldn't have had anymore fun
than we had.

Patty managed to get us a front row seat
and was the perfect captain

The boat can hold we
are now taking reservations for next year.
It will definitely be an annual event.

Thanks ladies for a great time.

and Patty you are the best, you organized
a great evening and brought us back
safe, sound and on time.

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