Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Year Older ....

The end of the year is not only busy with the holidays in our house...
but is also packed with birthdays. 
The Grand-Girls each turned another year older this season.

Madi started it off by turning "2"
It is hard to believe this little pixie is already two,
she is trouble with a capital "T" but just
as charming.

She likes dress up, doing anything big sister does, and being as messy as she possibly can.
This girl is always messy.
 and after seeing these pictures I think I should say
she likes to be naked.....
She has a passion for shoes and dance.  So I think there
may be dance class in her near future.

She thoroughly enjoyed her birthday and Christmas this
year and couldn't get enough gifts to open. 
In fact, she opened every one's gifts...just for fun.

I look forward to exploring her ever changing

This little sweetie turned "3" .  With Bella
3 is equal to 23.  She has an enormous vocabulary, sings songs and
speaks 6 languages fluently.  Okay, maybe she
doesn't speak 6, that may be the grandma talking.

She enjoys chocolate milk, sushi, and
building million dollar bears.

She's a bit of a comedian and always
makes me laugh.
Or is it that I always make her laugh?

Either way she is a character and
always keeps me guessing.

Princess Riley turned "4"
She has changed the most this year because
she has gone from a toddler to a little girl.

She talks your ear off, decided she wanted
to have straight hair instead of curly hair and
is just a little lady.

Other than the fact that she hates purple ... that is until
she got a Rapunzel doll and a matching dress for her birthday,
she is beautiful......

but extremely dramatic.  The girl
can call out for a bucket of tears on a moments notice.
She pretty much gets whatever she wants.

So Happy Birthday my darlings.  You
are truly my favorites.

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