Thursday, February 3, 2011


of stuff....

When I was a kid, we loved going to the smorgasbord ... I don't know, maybe we were just happy we could pronounce it,
but it was always such a treat. 
So many choices and enough black olives to put one on every finger of both hands. 
Life didn't get better than that.

January has come and gone
and with it my busiest month of the year. 
Work is always jam packed with year end garbage
and with this horrific economy and
added government regulation and nonsense,
it is the worst I have experienced in 20 years. 

 I decided to do a smorgasbord post,
because I have missed the blogland and visiting the blogger happenings.

I have lots of things that I have been up to,
but not enough time to do an entire post. 
So here's just a small sampling of what's

my Camellias are blooming

and these always remind me of my dad. 
When he was sick in the hospital, I
brought him one to his hospital room. 
They bloomed in October that year.
They never bloom in October but the year he passed away
they did.

This year as, every other year they are blooming at their
proper time and are just gorgeous.

The outdoor room is moving along....slowly but moving....

The weather is gorgeous and cold....I'm not really used to
all this cold.  We are quite spoiled in California.

I had a visit from some little girls...

all dressed for a Valentine's shoot. 
It was not very successful because of their lack of cooperation
but I have
low expectations...and I think they are darling.

Kristi....don't look at this pic of Riley.
It was pre --- HC

Madison giving us a little pose and copying her sister

I think she did a good job.

and running away from the camera

The "Rose Garden" is getting closer to planting.
I am looking forward to that and I guess it is time to start planning
what type of roses and other flowers
I will be planting.

That's it for now ... but I will leave you with a surprise.
Up until this 55th year of my life I have had a fear of color.
I can no longer make that claim, thanks
to this place.

Stay tuned for me .... overcoming my fears.

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