Friday, February 11, 2011

How to Make Friends and Influence People

This is the name of a self help book published in 1937
by Dale Carnegie....
I still remember the title after all these years,
when my dad went to a seminar by Dale Carnegie.

I don't think old Dale had this is mind
when he wrote his book,
but I think I have put a new improved spin
on this very subject.

How to "Make Friends" and "Influence People".
The ingredients are simple.

1. A can of Diet Orange Soda
(now I used diet orange Crush,
but I think any carbonated drink would work)
You may want to try a couple
and see which one works best for you.

Be sure and help your new friends drink...
new friends can be so messy

and sometimes new friends tend to over indulge.  Helping monitors their
beverage intake,
therefore keeping everyone happy.
(this may come under the influence people category)

2. A bowl from Flame Broiler - mini or regular
(but since you will be sharing
you may want to opt for the regular.
(beef, chicken or combo is up to you,
again see which one works best)
I prefer the beef bowl and brown rice.

Be sure not to eat the rice your new friends may be
saving for later.  Very rude!

Never run out of may want to buy an
extra bowl.... just in case

With those 2 ingredients you have the making for an enjoyable social network,
it may even rival Facebook
(without earning the billions of dollars however)


One of the benefits of making
new friends is the laughter.
If you're lucky enough to
find friends with a sense
of humor you are way ahead of the game.
Definitely keep them around, because you never know when you can use a good laugh.
Just for the record, I DO KNOW FUNNY...
just ask my friend Kris.
(She actually knows funny too)

Laughter is the best medicine

What I would like you to take away
from this lovely seminar is....
food and drink always attracts friends
and with their influence you will not only
have a great time.... you will eat less.

Which is excellent for me...
because after seeing these pictures
of all my chins it has made me realized
WW is in my very near future.


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