Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happenings at the Kelley Homestead

We had a very low key weekend, but I must say one of the highlights was having Sean drop in for a visit.
I always love when Sean comes home...
first I get a text "What are you doing today?"
Then he drives up the driveway.
I had the grand girls visiting when he drove up,
they were so excited to see him.
I don't think they stopped hanging on him the whole time.

We ran out to a store or two,
being sure to stock a lonely San Diego
cupboard with some food items,
had Chinese food and heard all about Sean's current happenings. He's says he's never worked so hard
and is having the time of his life.
Law school suits him, even though he is only 6 weeks in.
Mid Terms are next, so he will be MIA for awhile.

I also attempted a little face lift to my living room.
This is a photo of how my poor tired curtains are now.
I had this great idea...hahahaha ...to give my living room an update without changing out furniture.
It needs a little color, that's right you heard me correctly.
I need color ....
I crave color ...
even though it may not be as spicy as my man room
(which I still need to show photos of)
I need some spunk.

I half made, half bought these curtains
when I did this room originally. 
I am trying to get rid of that old lady feel, even
though I have been called old lady alot recently :(

Well after putting up the rods (which I love)
and hanging the curtains...
I quickly realized I needed not only a splash of color but lots
of TLC (oh and new curtains)

Here's what they look like now, but they will soon
be finding their way to the curb and
replacements will be taking their place.

Something about this time of day
really makes for a dark picture

So here are some color ideas I'm tossing around ...
 I'm keeping the green sofa and
recovering the two chairs.  Fabric will
be on my search list as soon as I decide on a rug.
Let me know what you like.

my little girl has started school.
Thanks to my good friend Kris,
my mom has been able to enjoy
crochet again.
Here she is on her first day of
knitting class.  I think she even
got a flower from Kris' grandson Noah. 
It was a good day and she gets to go again today.
Lucky Lady.

Lunch and a needle

Ready for her ride

Never looked back

Enjoy your day!!!
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