Monday, February 7, 2011

Le Cordon Bleu

Recently, my girlfriendys and I went
out to celebrate my birthday.  We were trying
to decide where to go for lunch when one of them
told us about Le Cordon Bleu...the cooking school.

Le Cordon Bleu has a that the
students use as part of their training.  The students
cook, serve, and basically do
all areas of restaurant activity.

It sounded like a good adventure to us so off to
downtown Pasadena we went.

One of the ladies had made reservations, which
I highly recommend if you decide to do this,
because this place fills up fast.
We were a tad bit early, which was great because
they have a little store adjacent to the restaurant.
After a bit of light shopping
(everyonebought something except for me)
we entered the restaurant side and were greeted
with a smiling student and these lovely pastries.

and more lovely pastries

Our student waitress took a picture of us
and filled us in on all the goings on.

They serve a small 3 course meal starting with an
appetizer.  The entire meal is 10.00 plus drinks.  They
are working on getting a liquor license to add to the experience.

But first we were served a variety of delicious breads
and butter.

They have a lunch menu as well as a dinner menu

Shrimp Scampi Tartine

Three Onion Soup

Spinach Salad

Everything thing was presented so beautifully.
On to the main course.

I ordered the Filet Mignon, which was delicious,
but when I got home I realized
we were so intent on eating....I forgot
to take pictures.

This was the remnants of the Poached Pear

Busy students cooking for our eating pleasure

and then for us ... off to some more shopping.
It was a fun experience and I would
highly recommend it.
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