Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Whisker Away ......

Sort of ...

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice Valentine Weekend. 
With Valentine's Day falling on Monday,
I know alot of people celebrated the weekend before...
it was such a lovely warm weekend for us
it was hard to stay inside.  My Valentine
always likes to do projects for me and this
past weekend was no different.
We have had several projects going and we
are a whisker away on a couple of them
Here's a short update.  But first
I will share my lovely Valentine bouquet that
I received from my Valentine! 

The Outdoor Room

I'll start with the project that is furthest from completion and
the one we are most anxious to have complete.
He has been very lonely the past 2 weeks, because
no one has come to add to his structure.
Maybe soon.... 

The Rose Garden
The rose garden is full of nice new soil
and has irrigation in place (ready for me
to pick out my planting scheme).
Kevin still needs to build the trellis structure
that will go
up against the block wall and block the neighbors shed, but
I think we will plant before he has time to do that.

We were watching the Harrison Ford version of Sabrina the
other night and we spotted  a trellis structure that
I think we will use as our inspiration
Do you notice the similarities between their house
and ours????

Maybe not so much

Looks like I can start shopping for a bench, some roses
and other cutting flowers.
Any recommendations?????

I picked these up this weekend....do the colors match
anything I have been working on in the house?  Do
they look like they may match my teaser PB picture.
Let me know what you think.

The Grape Arbor

The lines are up for the grape vines as well. 
New irrigationwent in and wire lines
are in to act as a trellis for the grapes.
I have never grown grapes before and am anxious to try.

Our inspiration for the grapes come from 2 of our favorite movies.
A Walk in the Clouds
(we shall call our vines Las Uvas)
and maybe Keanu will come and visit

and A Good Year.
White rock will cover the ground beneath the grapes
just like in the movie.

Here I am with Russel Crowe.

We are so close (not Russel and I even though we are) 
to finishing the grape arbor,
I actually started buying
Las Uvas

The Veggie Garden....

inspired by what?
"It's Complicated" of course.

I don't expect Meryl Streep's drama but I would love her vegetable garden.

Again ready with irrigation...
a little more dirt and it's planting time.

I know it will look slightly different than Meryl's
- hahaha -
movie magic and all.

But I may have to re-create this....
I am in love with this

I planted my fountain garden and my front porch.

We are expecting some rain today so I hope my fountain
area survives.  I know my newly cut and fed roses will be very happy to have rain.

I even pulled out my hanging cone shaped planters

It always feel like spring is on it's way
when I plant the porch.

Looks like I could use a new mat

and a little paint on my iron plant stand...

oh well, there's always something

I did say that this was a short post but maybe it wasn't.
Thanks for putting up with my planting drama.

I am linking to Outdoor Wednesday hosted

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