Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today I woke to a crisp winter feel
It’s your birthday, I realized with a delightful squeal

All those years ago you were born, a sweet little dear
My precious sweet baby girl, who grew up to love beer

We have many things in common and interests we share
And the woman you have become is far beyond compare

I am proud to see the wife and mother you are
And did I mention your love for a really good cigar


Kristi I enjoy you as my daughter but even more as a friend
We cook, eat and shop and spend, spend, spend, spend

So Happy Birthday my darling, Enjoy your wonderful day
You’d better enjoy it now, because soon you’ll decay
And hopefully you and I will get to go play

Happy Birthday Kristi
(you don't get much with one of my one minute poems eh?)

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