Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Swingers .......

and Sliders, and Runners and Plain Ole Happy Girls....

Outdoor Wednesday
hosted by the lovely Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.

If you have been visiting blogs lately, you
may have come across Genn's blog.  If so,
you read about her obsession.  I realized I too am
a victim of this obsession.  Yes, I say victim, because I
seem to be helpless to recover from this problem, that Genn calls

Yesterday I was invited to see the grand girls at the park.  Of course
I grabbed my camera...but is it wrong to grab the camera
before I grabbed my mom?  Is it wrong
to take 176 random pictures in one hour?
These questions must have answers.....

The mother and I headed out to the park, the
day was glorious and warm...borderline hot.  But it
was clear with a wonderful breeze and just a typical gorgeous near spring day in So Cal. 
As I walked up to the playground I saw this....


I am noticing that Riley is much more adventuresome
since starting pre-school.  She is overcoming
her fear of new things.

Madi on the other hand jumps in head first.
She has the need for speed and all things on the wild side.
I do believe she will live up to the name "Mad Rush"

The girls ran from one area to the other enjoying
the great weather as much as we were.

I'm not sure what part of the park is Riley's fav.

But the slide is definitely up there.

Madison discovered the slide big time...she realized she
can get ready at the top and slide down all by herself.  It
was funny because she felt the rush in her tummy and would
let out a little exclamation when she reached the bottom.

again and 

and again.......

I noticed how big Riley is looking...she ran
around like a big girl.  Wow, time flies.
I see a bit of big girl attitude too.

Madison ... still innocent...maybe?

What do you think Riley was doing up there.
Very quietly and unseen (she thought) she
was taking her shoes and socks off to go across the bridge.

Madison with a little peek a boo action.

Riley discovered the crazy water fountain.  The bigger
kids were making it into a wild stream and Riley thought that was
great fun.

Madison is into everything...she doesn't miss a trick

Looking at her here, I wondered what she was thinking.
My guess is she's trying to figure out how to escape
her mom and jump on that bike.  She is her daddy's girl.

Kristi says the park is bittersweet...the girls love it so much
but they are so sad to leave it.

Bye girls...thanks for letting this old photogaholic join in your fun!!
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