Monday, February 1, 2010

Boy to Man in a blink of an eye

Happy Birthday Sean

Today is my son Sean's 24th birthday. How on earth did that happen? Just yesterday I was preparing to go to a wedding with my husband, with a quick stop off at the hospital. I was scheduled for a C-section on that the Saturday before the wedding
I was headed for blood work and then a bit of light dancing.
Sean however, had different plans.

As I was walking down the corridor in the hospital, my water broke (very embarassing) and one hour later I had a new little baby boy in my arms. I will have to dig out a couple of those pictures, because he was sooooo cute and of course I was not prepared for this post.
Bad mommy!!!

Sean is a very talented young man, even if
I am his mother, I recognize his great charactor.

Sean is creative,
smart, athletic, a talented writer,
a future constitutional attorney, a college graduate,
a great son, brother, uncle and grand-son, 
he is always there when we need him and fun to be around. 
And did I mention he makes a "mean" martini?

Come join me as I stroll down memory lane .....

Here he is about 4...waiting to go down another run.  Sean
started skiing at 3 and hasn't stopped since.
Fun pic of the same ski trip

Some of my best memories are skiing with the kids.

This is Sean (as Sabastien from the little Mermaid) and Kevin
they are getting ready to build his swing set.

With my dad.  Sean and my dad were best friends.  This
particular picture though, Sean was at the age my dad didn't
really like him yet.  Right Sean?

Always the clown... he was such a charming little boy.

Growing up ...

His first Junior High dance.

Sean as a CBU baseball player

Sean graduating on to Law school

Happy Birthday Sean
We Love You....

Don't be mad at the pics I year I will do you.

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