Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday "D"

Happy Birthday "D"
Today is my daughter Kristi's Birthday
and I would like to be the
first to wish her a Happy Birthday.
You may be wondering what the "D" stands for.
"D" is for Drug.  Kristi is my drug that I need everyday.
Life would not be the same without my fix.

Thanks Kristi for being such a great daughter and an even
greater friend.
You were sweet as a little girl and you have turned into
a beautiful and amazing women.

Last year on Kristi's birthday, I did a 6 part post.
Here is a link to those posts, starting with the first.

Kristi - V
Kristi - VI

Kristi...the best is yet to come.
I love you and Happy Birthday!!!!

(Wow, I really did a great post last year....don't tell Stacy and Sean
I need to get busy and do an extensive one for them...that will be
fun though because it is great going through those old pictures.  I could
have posted a bunch more)  Scanner here I come.
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