Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kristi - Part 3 of 6

Kristi went off to Kindergarten when she was 5. She learned
several things when she was 5. She wanted to change her name to "Crystal" for one. And she
learned to skip. Unfortunately she failed skipping and was able to re-take it
and passed with flying colors. Kristi was always a fast learner.

In first grade she was the only one in the class that
didn't lose a baby tooth. Each student had a drawing of a toothon the wall and when they lost a tooth, the teacher would put their name on it and they got to take it home. Kristi took hers with her to 2nd grade.
Then Kristi moved into her athletic years. First soccer, then softball (where she came
home from practice and asked me where right field was) So I drew it out and

the next day she new right where to go.

She also loved to go to the river (Stacy did not)

and she started to take piano lessons. We promised her if she
stuck with it a year on the keyboard we would buy a piano. She did.
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