Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday-Let it Snow

Thank you to Susan for hosting Outdoor Wednesday, I hope you enjoy.
Here in sunny California it hasn't been too sunny. We have had a lot
of rain, and wind and even some hail.
Well we just don't know how to handle what
most people refer to as "weather".
But with these cold rains comes a little surprise the next morning.

Here is our cloudy, overcast, rainy day. We can't see beyond the trees.

and my poor little daffodil friends thought spring was here. They
were not happy with our rain. But then the sun came out and .........

we got our surprise......

This is Mt Baldy.

And this is taken from my balcony off of my bedroom this morning.

It isn't as clear as it was on Sunday but the mountains were beautiful.

We are about 45 miles from the base of this mountain. The cool thing
about living in California is we can see snow on the mountains
while sitting on the beach listening to the ocean. Thanks for stopping by, now go and enjoy
the other Outdoor Wednesday's.

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