Friday, February 27, 2009

And the Oscar goes to.......Katina!

Welcome and come in to Oscar night 2009 ....
V.I.P.'s only please.

Sunday was the Oscars and I was lucky enough to go to Katina's "4th" annual Oscar Party. We had a great turnout and great food. We snacked on an assortment of appetizers: artichoke dip, sushi, veggies and dip, stuffed mushrooms ... and more. And we had 2 kinds of soup: a delicious potato soup and a delicious white bean soup. And as if that wasn't enough, Peggy made us a most scrumptious carrot cake.

Front row center, watching the red carpet gowns. Which one was your favorite?

Tammie and Cynthia not happy with the winner?

Cynthia and Julia,
Enjoying our large array of dining choices spread on the island. Notice the cute cloths Katina put down for color. Katina where did you learn about that?

Diana and Shelley, were they laughing at Mickie Rourke?
No, I think they were admiring Hugh Jackman. Hubba, Hubba.

Too many Secrets????????????

and then it was time for cake ..... goodie. Check this out Kristi, you are in trouble now.

Peggy, good job .............. sooooo yummy!!!!!!!!!

Cute presentation with the matching plates and napkins.

The award goes to: the Best Carrot Cake ever!

Delicious cream cheese frosting. You can never have enough frosting.

Hooray for Hollywood and Peggy's Carrot Cake.
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