Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Sean

Today is my son Sean's 23rd Birthday oh ya, and Super Bowl Sunday. Sean has always been a joy to have around for me. I was always afraid to have a boy because I have this unnatural fear of lizards. Remembering my brother I thought I could not handle a boy with lizards in his pockets. When Sean was 3 he made a deal with me. If I kept the spiders away from him, he would keep the lizards away from me. He kept his promise and so did I.
About 5 years ago my dad told me he didn't care much for Sean when he was little, he was annoying and always asking questions. Kind of one of those kids that was always in the way. I was very offended. He just laughed and told me not to worry, Sean had grown on him. Funny thing, Sean became my dad's best friend.
I'm not sure whether he has more of me or Kevin in him, more than likely he is just Sean.
He has grown into a good, caring, intelligent man with the potential to do great things. We are very proud of him.
Happy Birthday Sean.
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