Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Diane-February 13

My brother and sister in law were in town this past weekend and for the first time we got to celebrate Diane's birthday up close and personal. Kristi made her a fun "Ladies
Cake". It was a very pretty purple with black trim and polka-dots. The cake itself was a Divine chocolate with raspberry filling (Diane's favorite)
We found a flashing diamond ring which took the place of candles and was very fun.

Diane never took off that diamond ring.

......and what ensemble would not be complete without pearls (both white and black) diamond broaches (donated by my mother, which she purchased when she was 20 for $1.00 each)
and a lovely satin handbag complete with diamond clasp? Oh and let us not forget the white and black polka- dot pump which conveniently held our birthday wishes.

I think it was a hit. Happy 29th Diane.

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