Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Funny Valentine Bunco

My Funny Valentine

On Thursday night we had our Valentine's Bunco hosted by Shelley.
Shelley is this innocent looking lovely lady who always has a few surprises up her sleeve...
what do they say?
Look out for the quiet ones...exactly.

Greeting us at the end of our trip up the walkway was this lovely message...

Isn't this a warm welcome?  But really what am I getting myself in for.

Oh, maybe just a bunco evening with Shelley...
look at that naughty look on her face.  She is
planning something...

in her beautiful home

And a peek into the livingroom where the gang has gathered.

The house was filled with the most delicious things ...

and cupcakes...
and chocolate dipped strawberries
(Shelley knows how much Peggy loves chocolate)

Everywhere we turned...
lusciousness and chocolate
(did I mention Peggy loves chocolate?)

I was then greeted by the other bunco girls.
Did I mention one of our number
is not happy with the blogmaster?  .... I shall not
name names

and then of course some enjoy the blogmaster...
I am so confused...but I shall endure and carry on......
Peggy ... my biggest (and only) fan.

 Up until now,
you may think to yourself, this has been a typical
but no, 
the craziness is about to start.
Shelley approached us with something
only for the brave at heart...and do you
know what she called us?
Of course you do because anyone reading this blog is my whole audience and was at bunco. 

She called us cougars of course.
Then she started passing out the tatoos.

To my surprise the cougars rose to the challenge.
The question then became
"Where shall we put them?"
Oh my....
Tammie chose the conservative route...
Cynthia...not so much

and then of course Charissa (I'm not even going there)
Oh maybe just a little...
Now where shall I put this tatoo?

Here's a good place...
Now how do I do it???
Oh with a sponge...
Do I look like I'm lactating?
The finished product
Do I look sexy?
I know you thought that was it for craziness,
but then there was ...
"Mr. Valentine"
Remember this guy?  I promised
we would see him at Shelley's bunco.
Well .... we did!!!!
The "real" Mr. Valentine.
with some helpful hints on making
your Valentine's Day extra special.....?????
He came in bedecked and bedazzled and carrying
a tray of chocolate shooters (did I mention how much
Peggy likes chocolate?)

and boy were they yummy...

Mr. Valentine... ya gotta love him.

He also bedazzled us with lovely beaded and candy necklaces.

Who are these bead seekers?
Mr. Valentine was a good sport and gave us a
great laugh and a lot of good
Valentine advice???  and chocolate...
and to top off the evening, we had a lovely
bunco prize that Charissa was eager to take home.
Shelley ... thank you for a great bunco
with lots of laughs and lot of chocolate..
(did I mention that Peggy loves chocolate?)
She had some darling prizes too...
all keychains with hearts on them. 
So, so cute, and so, so fun.
Thanks Shelley for a great time and a special
thank you to Mr. Valentine ;)

Oh and what does Patty have?  I think she
may have been Mr. Valentine's fav....

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