Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Dat?

or should I say "Who Dat?"

Dat be Tim sporting his obnoxious "Host Gift"
Kristi asked me to share these pictures of Tim
(the great sport that he is, he obliged willingly)

I think everyone needs one of these...what do you think?

This is one of those upper end beverage hats.
It only hold bottles ;)

Who Dat? 
Dat Daddy... Dat Madi 
This is a multi-functional hat...holds beer as well as milk.
Who Knew?  Who Dat?

Here are the Rushs' putting
a few finishing touches on the delicious spread they
had prepared for us. 

Those sliders were yummy...heck everything was yummy

and what Kelley/Rush party would not be complete without these silly things?

and isn't that 5.7 second cake cute?

Very festive...
too bad I didn't take those flowers home...
I love them

A Super Bowl fan

and of course the Beer, Bacon Bread delivery guy

and for dessert a New Orleans win...and red velvet cake...

  Another Super Bowl in the can.... Until next year.
Thanks Tim and Kristi for a great day.
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