Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The "4" Martini Lunch

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday
hosted by the oh, so talented Susan at

"Ode to Joy"
This table asks a very important question for blogland.
What type of girl are you?  There are four choices, so
I am expecting to hear which one best describes you.

My daughter Kristi has a marvelous MIL, Joy.
I consider Joy a great friend, and am
always so happy when she comes down to visit us. 
Well, I guess you can say she comes down
to visit her DIL, son and grandchildren,
but I like to think she comes down to visit me too. 

We share two lovely grand-daughters and a zest for life.
We always have a ball when we're together.
Thanks Joy for these darling dishes....I love that you
thought of me and I hope you
like how the table turned out.
Next time you come down, we will have the
4 martini lunch in your honor.

Today's table is red, black and white.

I consider this luncheon for ladies that may enjoy shopping, cosmos, wine and chocolate.
Not necessarily in that order.....

and maybe like to strut a stiletto or two.
Well by now you know I don't fit into the stiletto mold.

I am practicing my non centering of the pictures...
what do you think?

Okay on to the table.

The heels I shall use as place card holders.

Each placesetting has a different girl and a martini
glass for my guest's martini of choice. 

 I little playing with the sunburst filter

Oops one more

Okay...sorry, I will move on to the ladies after this one.

Here we have Shopping Girl

Here we have Wine Girl

Here we have Cosmopolitan Girl

and here we have Chocolate Girl

So everyone is assembled ... with a martini each.
Hence I present the 4 martini lunch.
(Nice I see my shoes on the floor by the tacky)
Maybe I am Tacky Girl

Which girl are you?

Thanks for stopping by, now back over to Susan's
for more tablescape fun
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