Friday, February 5, 2010

Let the Games Begin

...or as Kris says...Dueling Dough
either way it's a win, win situation

I had a very pleasant surprise text on my phone yesterday.  My friend Kris texted that she was putting a potato bread in her bread machine.  The logical response to this text would be....
what time will it be done? 
Well to my delight I was invited to have a slice
and a cup of tea when it came out of the machine. 
I arrived right on time with 3 minutes left on the timer, for a piece (or 2) of hot potato bread slathered in butter
(no, I did not say butter spray). 
Real, delicious creamery butter. 

Well Kris and Greg have been on a bread tear lately and
my mom is always looking for
something to do.  So with their inspiration and
enthusiasm (and a full belly of delicious bread)  
I took the old bread
machine out of storage, found the old
instruction/cook book, and threw it at her.

Probably not a great idea, because she already has everything lined up and a list going of ingredients she will be kneading needing.

Can anyone see if butter is on that list?
If we have bread we most definitely need some butter.
The first recipe she is going to try will be English Muffin Bread and Cinnamon Raisin Bread will follow.
So the challenge is on.

So this is a test...only a see if the old gal (the bread machine not my mom) is working properly. I will know when I get home today.... because I should be greeted with the lovely aroma of English Muffin Bread.

Hopefully the old gal is still working
(my mom not the breadmachine) 
Stay tuned for another bread update. 
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