Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cocktails at Sean's

We were invited to Sean’s for cocktails and appetizers right before Christmas. Sean put up a few decorations and got the house ready and we brought over a few appetizers to enjoy. It was so fun and started off the holiday festivities.
His house looked great and

we enjoyed:

Bake scallops
Baked Brie with almonds
Guacamole and chips

And assorted beverages of our choosing.

Sean had the Christmas music going and even a DVD for Riley to enjoy.

 A few of the decorations

Sean and I have been collecting nutcrackers since he was 3. 
When he moved
out he became the proud recipient of the collection.

You can never get enough kisses. 
Madison loves to give kisses

Baba and Riley watching Cinderella

Where do we always congregate...? The kitchen of course.

The Host with the Most

Scallops, Brie and Guac...oh my!

Thanks Sean for the great time.
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