Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Prinesses and the Frog

Once upon a time there were three princesses. Riley, the oldest had hair of abundant curls and sweetness, she always wore a blue. Isabella, the middle princess had eyes and hair of deepest brown and carried within her, a happy heart. The smallest princess, Madison, also had eyes of twinkling brown, and wore an impish grin like a little pixie.

The three you see a frog anywhere?

I think Princess Bella is afraid someone will get her Cinderella doll

One day the Queen Mum Maryrose decided to take the princesses to the movies (along with GiGi, Baba, Kasey, Stacy and Kristi). What movie do you suppose a princess would want to see? The Princess and the Frog of course. This was the first movie for two of the princesses; Princess Bella had been to the movies once before, when she was but a baby. So off they went, armed with M&M’s tucked into beautiful new purses, and sparkling tiaras befitting the Princesses.

Once our tickets were purchased (the Queen Mum got off cheap since each princess was under the paying age of 3) they entered the theater.
There they were greeted by a smiling young man who took their tickets.

Oh, so much anticipation

After a short stop for popcorn they entered the theater.

Once inside the mother’s took their princesses and started to settle them in for the movie. Princess Madison started crying first, followed by Princess Bella and Princess Riley. The good people behind us were probably thinking Really? Are they going to Stay? But alas, the girls settled down. Soon Princesses Bella and Madison after about 15 minutes of movie fell asleep. Princess Riley however, made it through the whole movie, munching popcorn with Kasey the whole time.

We had a marvelous time and alas the experience will be a memorable one.

My last comment shall be about the movie. The movie was absolutely charming when it involved Tiana and the Naveen (the princess and the frog) and all of the little sidekick characters. My criticism comes with our villain. I know villains are supposed to be on the bad side but I think our villain was a wee too evil. I would have liked it better if he didn’t have to be so dark. Overall, it was cute and very entertaining (except for Voodoo daddy)

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