Monday, January 18, 2010

Shaken not Stirred

Martini Tasting

What do you give a girl who's turning 30 for her birthday?
A martini bar of course.

Sheryl is getting ready to celebrate a milestone birthday (some of us thought 50 was a milestone) and her mom and dad are throwing her a party.
Since it is a martini themed birthday,
the task at hand was to see which martini was her favorite.
Bummer for us, We had to help her pick her favorite.
Sean came over to bartend and here's what
he found.

He immediately dug in and started to make some of his favs with the help of his little black book.

He had a plan and just needed a few
professional taste testers.

and of course a few empty glasses.
Oh, I do believe there is a lemon drop on the table,
or is it a kamakazee?  Hmmmm???

Only Cheryl really knew for sure.  And on a school night?
I think she really liked them all...who wouldn't?

Thanks Sean... I think we found a winner.

But we may need to keep it a secret until the party...
or not...
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