Friday, January 22, 2010

A Visit in the Night

Thanks Little Birdie

A little birdie came to visit me last night without me knowing….no not from my last tablescape.
My daughter Kristi came in the night and
gave me a new blog look.
She created this new background with my requests
for something pink and black for Valentine’s Day.
She created my last background…which I love too
and want back after February 14th (hint, hint)

Thank you Kristi…what a fun surprise I found this morning. I love it.


I found a second surprise this morning, not near as much fun as the first. As you may know I have always wanted to live on a lake with an old poop. Well the old poop is alive and well, and so it seems is my lake.

Kelley Lake

Do you see those palm fronds there?  They act as torpedo
bombs when
they hit the power lines outside of our house.
They were divebombing yesterday...and we were lucky not to have lost all of our electricity.

I took these from the front door, because if I venture out I am sure to melt.


The old poop (I mean hubster) ventured out though. He was much more prepared for the weather.

Thanks again Kristi for the new background.
Stay dry.
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