Saturday, January 23, 2010

Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia

(In my world she is one and the same)

My bunco girls are a group of
great woman that I have the privledge to call dear friends.
As my dear friend Kris says, it feels like I have bunco
every week. 
I don't, only once a month, but
the girls always make it an event. 
bunco was no different.

January was Julia's bunco.  Julia also goes
by Julie, but her real name is Julia, which I love.
Her theme was Julie and Julia...and if you
have seen the movie (great movie) you
will get the gest of her bunco.

We were greeted at the door by Julia.... in her pearls
and 50's style hat.

and of course her great smile and a beverage.
As I entered her lovely home I was greeted by other women in pearls and 50's styled hats. This of course mad me loudly exclaim "Heellllloooooo"
in my best imitation of Julia Child
and I was greeted back with the same exclamations.

Well as you may have guessed... we all received a strand of pearls and could choose from an array of bygone era hats (about 15 or so) that had belonged to Julia's grandmother.

Shelley and Diana

Vivian... cheers (I think Vivian loved her hat so much she
may have taken it home)

Peggy... isn't she pretty?

The significance of the name tags was to symbolize 3, for the
number of women who wrote
"Mastering the Art of French Cooking"
and the French words for French Cooking School.

Here is Julia's sister Sally, who was visiting for Bunco.

The pearl ritual with Charissa

and the finished product, she did need
to change out the ball cap.

Patty... this hat
fit on no one's head but Patty, and
I thought I had a small head.

Julia bestowing pearls on Tammie

Princess Katina, in the hat saved especially for her.

A view of Shelleys from behind...we all agreed she was dressed the part too

Cynthia in her hat and pearls

And the last straggler....Lisa... joining right in.

Tammie and Julia

The whole gang in our hat and pearl glory.

Thanks Julia for an outstandingly fun time.
Bon Appetit

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