Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Bird in a Gilded Cage

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday,
hosted by the lovely Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.

My table is inspired by a birdie in a gilded cage and a gilded birdie
in no cage at all.  I have used the
colors of gold, cream and black.

Here is my birdie in a gilded cage

And here is my gilded birdie that has escaped his cage.... a little quail
(I love quail, and I don't mean to eat)

My quail was living in my Christmas tree and my gilded cage was living in my diningroom.
They both need to be packed back away but they wanted to stay up a bit later, like January.

I told them okay,
but back in the boxes by Valentine's Day. 
They agreed.

I started with my gold and black runner and brought
in some other wintery favorites.  I have a golden snowflake
that spent the holidays on my mantle, along
with the golden pinecones.
(I guess everyone is staying up late)

I was not quite ready to pack them away either so they remerged on my table. 
I used white tulips several times over the holidays...
and I wasn't ready
to say goodbye to them either.  I think I may have seperation issues.

So here they all are having a party on my table.

Where did those other cream colored birds come from?
They must have flown in from the other room for the party.

Oh well, the more the merrier.

A little candlelight...and crystal

Well it is getting late now and
I think Mr. Quail is ready to go to sleep until next year.

So I am off to get the packing boxes, to tuck everything away.

and then I will greet them again like old friends. I always
enjoy unpacking my Christmas things, but boy am I ready to
get the house back to normal afterward.

Thanks for visiting.

Now back to Susans for more Tablescape fun.
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