Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Last of the "Power Posts"

My birthday falls on New Year's Eve so I always get a double celebration.

I met my family for breakfast at Mimi's, enjoyed some light shopping
and then went to see the movie
It's Complicated (loved it)

That evening, Kevin and I were lucky enough to be invited to our
dear friends Kris and Greg's to not only celebrate the New Year but my birthday as well.
Kris, in her usual Kris fashion (she is the hostess
with the mostest and the best cook) made us
feel like the King and Queen of New Years Eve.
We started with a beverage and
some amusing banter.  (we are so
amusing we always enjoy amusing banter)

and then the eating festivities began.
We began our eating pleasure with caprese skewers
served with a delicious balsamic vinegarette.
Aren't these pretty.... I shall be copying.
Do you think she'll let me borrow that cute serving dish too?

As if that wasn't enough, we sat down
to a feast of salmon, asparagus, salad, rolls and the
cutest little potato (actually it was the cutest big potato).

Here's the meal in natural light.  It looks just as good doesn't it?

Last minute serving by the Chef

Wine poured by her able bodied assistent

Kevin is so eager he is all ready to dig in.

The table was a feast for the eyes.  It was gorgeous.

Do you see all of the gold and riches on the table?
That signifies prosperity for the New Year.
I love that tradition

And of course since we were also celebrating New Years Eve
we had special noise makers at our places.

Kris... here is a side note.  I know how much
work it is to put on a dinner, and that makes
this evening even more special to me that you
 would go to so much effort to make this evening so perfect for us

Oh so pretty.

Don't you love that cloth and those cute napkin rings?

I got to take this gold coin necklace home...not.  This was
a gift to Kris from her dad years ago.  I think he
would have enjoyed seeing it on her table.

Just beautiful..

As it got closer to midnight we began
to anticipate a little treat. 

None of us had ever had Dom Perignon before so we
were very excited.
Kevin and Greg welcomed it like it was a dear friend.

It got a special place in the ice bucket.

And I even liked the label.

Greg did the honors since he is the champagne man.

and we did the tasting.

We were surprised at how bubbly it was... hence the term
bubbly....tee hee.

I hope Greg and Kris add this to their cork collection

I love this pic of Kris and Kevin.. it shows how
much fun we had.

Greg didn't really need us... the champagne was fun
enough for him :)

and of course Kris can't be trusted with an open bottle
of champagne.   I think she needs another resolution
on her list.

and then as fast as my birthday started it was over
and it was time to welcome in the New Year.

But before we do that...we must eat my birthday cake.
Carrot Cake my favorite....

Thank you Kris and Greg for being such
great friends and for the wonderful evening.
Happy New Year.
PS... A little birdie told me that your house was as cold
as a tomb.  I just want to go on record and say between
the tree Kevin put in the fireplace and those
nice warm blankies, I didn't notice a thing  ;)

Thank you both again...and we look
forward to making new memories with you in 2010.

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