Sunday, January 17, 2010

7 Things you wish you didn't know about me.

Thanks Kristi... I am not ungrateful, I have just not
had much time to do this post.  I feel so special
getting a Beautiful Blog award.  I'm with Kris...I don't
know if anyone really thinks my blog is beautiful, but I do
because it contains all of my loves.
I would like to thank Kristi for awarding this Beautiful Blog award to me.

Like so many of you,
blogging has become a large part of my life.
I love the idea of journaling on a regular basis and
adding pictures of family and friends.
It’s almost like scrapping without the mess and cost (Kristi)

My blog was responsible for my request for a new camera, and thus opened up another hobby to my life (like I have time for any more hobbies in my life) and has opened up a new unlimited world of friends. I am amazed on a daily basis at the creativity, inspiration, talent, and humor captured on your blogs. I can never keep up.

Now … 7 things you may not know about me.

1.  I love the smell of dirt and freshly mown grass. The grass in the spring always reminded me of baseball and softball season which I loved when my kids were playing.  The dirt reminds me of gardening and crazy as it seems I love that smell too.

2.  I went to the Fashion Institure of Design and Merchandising (FDIM) and lived in downtown L.A.  for 2 years.  This would be a double huh? for  anyone who knows me. One because I am not much of a city girl and two, I am not much of a clothes shopper.  So why on earth did I pick fashion design?  I used to sew, alot.... so I was encouraged to take this route.  I think perhaps instead of the fashion end of the school I should have attended the interior design side.

3.  I love holidays and holiday decorations... okay so you all know this about me.  Do you know what my favorite holiday is?

4.  I would like to live on a lake like on golden pond with an old poop (oh I have an old poop) and I could take my boat out all by myself and search him out while he is fishing in some cove.  But that would be in the summer.  During the other times of the year I would be living on my vineyard watching my grapes grow, and maybe stomp out a bottle now and then.

5.  I love everything and anything old and with history. I would love to go to Europe and see castles, gardens architecture etc.  I have a fascination with days gone by and I attribute this to my father.  We always said he was much older than his years and that is because he was fascinated by things and events way before his time.

6.  I love movies and that is probably well known, however, sometimes I watch or love movies because of the scenery or house décor in the movie. The movie can be totally bad but I love the scenery, locale or just the house our hero lives in.  I have an infatuation with houses..old, new, large and small.  I once thought I should be a realtor just so I could go through houses.

7.  Okay, this one is a secret and don't get the wrong idea.  I would like to be a man for an hour.  I don't want to smell, scratch and burb...I just want to see how they think and how they feel.  I think it would be interesting to get the "other prespective".  But only for an hour (and I would like to pee standing up just once) Long term, I am more than happy to stay female.
Okay there you have it, I'm sorry if I shocked any of you but I have been known to be quirky.  Oh, that could have been number 8...I'm quirky..but you already knew that.
Thanks Kristi for the award, this was a lot of fun.
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