Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chef Strikes Again

Wishes do come true.

A few weeks back I wished for a wife or the next best thing a chef.  Well wishes do come true,
sometimes.  I got a part time chef (sort of)

Sean is on a tear. He has decided to eliminate fast food from his diet and takeup cooking.
I have to say that’s lucky for me.
He has some time as he is
waiting for his degree to post, so he can substitute teach.
He has also sat for the LSAT and
will be applying to law school.
In the meantime however
I have gotten my wish….a chef. Sean has agreed to cook for us one day a week, as long
as I provide him with the ingredients and my new knives.

What is tonight’s delight?
I have never cooked lamb and have only eaten it once or twice. I was very surprised that I liked it.
Sean seasoned and cooked it to perfection.
He used a rosemary rub
and grilled it on the barbecue.
It was delicious.
His recommendation though, cover the bones before cooking because they catch on fire.  
If only I had gotton a picture of that.

Chef tasting his lamb to see if it meets his expectations.

The lamb was served with fresh green beans, grilled eggplant
and a lovely loaf of herbed bread.  Other than
the bread we kept it healthy.

My mom liked it so much she wants him to try
a boneless leg of lamb....

Thanks Sean. 
What's for dinner this week?

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